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6th-Jun-2007 05:17 pm - Ahead of the Lithuania game
italia insieme
Gazzetta.it reports:

[+] Despite the upcoming game against World Champions, the Lithuanian public is not overly looking forward to its national team's match against Italy in Kaunas. Football is no big deal in Lithuania and in fact basketball makes more headlines. PThe Italy national team enters the city in a situation of complete calm. (Strange, this...)

[+] Cannavaro was reported doubtful for the match tonight due to muscle problems. But apparently he has been cleared to play although Donadoni will probbaly not make him play for the whole 90 minutes.

[+] The Azzurri is ready. The training this morning did not reveal anything new: stretching, schemes and running. Gazzetta believes that the formation will undoubtedly use 4-1-4-1, which is comprised of Buffon; Zambrotta, Cannavaro, Materazzi, Tonetto; Pirlo; Quagliarella, De Rossi, Perrotta, Di Natale; and, last but not least, Inzaghi. (Frankly, I have never heard of this kind of formation before, but whatever floats the CT's boat...)

Tonight's match will start at 20.30 - Italy time.
5th-Jun-2007 09:32 pm - Pippo in Lithuania
Just an update from Lituania...

Gazzetta.it reported that the team has departed for Lithuania and how the Azzurri team training was. The report on Pippo is very positive.

Here's what they had to say on Pippo:
INZAGHI - In the flight to Kaunas, he smiled at everyon, wearing the blue suit of the national time that he wears like the national team jersey. Calm and always fashionable, he is by now an example for everyone. In terms of the match against Lithuania, against whom he already scored a goal, he wants to give them more displeasures. His objective now is (with the double goal against Faroe Islands his goal tally has increased to 25) is to catch Del Piero at 27 goals wearing the national team jersey.

Glad to hear he's doing fine and setting an example for everyone. ^_^
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Champions League 2006-2007

Celebrations in San Siro: 24 May 2007

AC Milan - Liverpool 2-1

Pictures from the AC Milan Champions League celebrations in San Siro Stadium is added HERE.

(Don't forget the rules from the other post. They still apply.)

The above picture practically sums up how I think everyone should treat Pippo for the rest of his footballing life... like he's a hero. Because he is, you know. I really don't care who he dates for now (LOL) but as long as he plays football like the way he does now I'm going to be a fan for life.

Just a little reminder, don't forget Italy's match against Lithuania. Let's wish Pippo to do his best!

italia unita
Euro '08 Qualifications


2 June 2007 in Tórsvøllur, Torshavn


Took a while to upload these because I was lazy. But here they are.

My Calcio Gallery
By tomatoe18

>> The pictures came from various sources. The may not be hotlinked/directly linked under any circumstances. If I find you hotlinking, I will not hesitate to warn you and cut you off. You may, however, save the pictures to your computer or your own server and share them with others elsewhere. Just pimp the community filippo_inzaghi and I'll be happy.
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Euro '08 Qualifications


2 June 2007 in Tórsvøllur, Torshavn

SCORERS: 13' Inzaghi [1st], 3' Inzaghi [2nd] (ITA), 32' Jacobsen [2nd] (FRO)


FAR OER (4-4-2): Mikkelsen; Danielsen, Johannessen, J.Jacobsen, Djurhuus; Borg (29' Samuelsen [2nd]), Olsen, Thomassen, Ch. Jacobsen R. Jacobsen, Flotum (12' Holst [2nd])
Subs: Joensen, Hansen, Elttor, Horg, Nolsoe
Coach: J. M. Olsen

ITALIA (4-2-3-1): Buffon; Oddo, Materazzi (21' Barzagli [2nd]), Cannavaro, Tonetto; Gattuso, Pirlo; Diana, Rocchi (42' Quagliarella [2nd]), Del Piero; Inzaghi (14' Lucarelli [2nd])
Subs: Amelia, Pasqual, De Rossi, Perrotta
Coach: Donadoni

REFEREE: Robert Malek (Poland)


I can't say that this has been the best match the Italian national team had played but I'm glad that they've won. They obviously needed this victory to improve their situation in Group B. More importantly, being the sometimes selfish fan of Pippo Inzaghi, I'm glad that they won because of Pippo's 2 goals. :D

The game itself was kind of boring, to be honest; I didn't stay for the whole match to watch it. Luckily, I was there each time Pippo scored. His goals were quite entertaining. The first was a kick straight to the goal, which he made while being severely harassed by the opposing team's defender, and the second was a header that came from an excellent pass that Diana made. And, of course, the hugging that ensued after the goals was really a delight. ^_~

Once again, I have to say, Pippo worked hard in this match. He was literally all over the place during the first half. I counted at least twenty times that the commentators mentioned his name in the first quarter of an hour. He posed the most threat to the Faroe Islands' goal, being on target most of the time and giving the goalkeeper plenty of work to do. I just love seeing him working hard like that. (And, as always, he makes the cutest expressions when he fails to score. XD)

... and I just watched Pippo's post-match interview on RAI.

Among the points he talked about:
[+] He thanked his teammates for the goals because "everyone also worked hard to make it possible for me to score".
[+] He didn't want to comment on Totti and Nesta's refusal to join the national team, saying that it was not his place to judge anyone.
[+] Marco Tardelli, one of the commentators for the match, congratulated him on the goal and asked him why Pippo, as one of the most senior players in the team, did not shout instructions to the younger players to do better. Pippo then cheekily said, "Well, it's exhausting to shout!" (I swear, I love this man! XD)

Pippo's goal tally is now 25 for the Italian national team. He's just two goals away from matching Del Piero and Roberto Baggio's record of 27 goals. I hope he scores some more!

That's all for now. 'Til the next Azzurri match on Wednesday. Photos to be posted later.
2nd-Jun-2007 09:57 am - wallpapers
Dark Angel

i made 10 champions league wallpapers of Milan ^_^ Enjoy

+ comments are always appreciated!

CL wallpaper-hpsensations8CL wallpaper-hpsensations4 

join first HERE  >>> and wallpapers   Right this way

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Champions League 2006-2007

Final Match in Athens Olympic Stadium: 23 May 2007

Celebrations in Athens & Milano: 23 - 24 May 2007

AC Milan - Liverpool 2-1


OK, I'm about to give up with the pictures. There are so many of them!!! *is tired*

Which is why this time the photos are uploaded to my gallery and I'll give you links to other galleries as well. I also won't trouble people with dial-up connection to download all the pics in the page, especially because I don't want to be troubled as well. If you choose to share the pics, kindly mention the sources clearly, whether it's from Gazzetta, Corriere, Kataweb or others. Enjoy the pics. :)

My Calcio Gallery
By tomatoe18

[+] Gallery 1: Pre-Match Preps [click here]
[+] Gallery 2: Match Action [click here]
[+] Gallery 3: Celebration in Athens [click here]
[+] Gallery 4: Celebration in Milano[click here]

>> Most of the pictures in my galllery came from Gazzetta Dello Sport's and Corriere's websites. It is highly recommended to check their website for a full coverage and more photos of the match and the celebration. (Yes, meaning, if you go to these sites, you will find even more pictures than what I've already uploaded. So, GO GO GO GO GO!!!)

>> Pictures from my gallery may not be hotlinked under any circumstances. If I find you hotlinking, I will not hesitate to warn you and cut you off. You may, however, save the pictures to your computer or your own server and share them with others elsewhere. All I ask is for you to pimp the community filippo_inzaghi in the process. XD

The Goals

[+] Pippo's first goal and its celebrations.
[Kataweb Gallery: Pippo's 1st Goal Sequence]
[+] Pippo's second goal and its celebrations.
[Kataweb Gallery: Pippo's 2nd Goal Sequence]
Further observations from the Champions League match that ended many, many hours ago.

I've finally watched the match properly and I would like to reconfirm what I've said in the previous match report, Liverpool was indeed more aggressive, especially in the first half, and Milan was under pressure most of the time. Actually, in the first half Milan was a bit sloppy but they improved in the second half. I think Milan defenders managed to frustrate Liverpool players in the second half.

From watching the match, I also managed to find out why Pippo was called Man of the Match and not, say, Kaka. There were several occasions throughout the match where Pippo had the ball, got surrounded by 3 Liverpool defenders at the same time and there was no Milan teammate AT ALL near him. So he was like a lone wolf (or should I say "lion"? XD) up there. And the distance he covered during the game was AMAZING! According to ESPN, it was more than 10000 meters. All by himself. O__o;; So that meant he kept running from one side to the other a lot. He looked drained when he was substituted but, wow, that was amazing.

I heard the commentators say, "He's been working very hard. When you work hard, sometimes you get rewarded. And he has been rewarded tonight." Couldn't agree more. Pippo's just so involved in the game. Whether he's running to cover his teammate's back so that when there's an opportunity for a pass he can receive it (which none of the Milan players actually did for him on the final) or simply knowing how to be there at the right place and at the right time, Pippo works hard indeed.

(And can you believe he's 33? XD)

So, it really is no wonder that Pippo is MotM and gets a point above everyone else from various publications and websites. He really deserved that. BRAVO, PIPPO! FORZA, PIPPO!!!
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