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[Champions League] Final: AC Milan vs Liverpool 2-1 The Photos 
25th-May-2007 11:16 am
super love 2
Champions League 2006-2007

Final Match in Athens Olympic Stadium: 23 May 2007

Celebrations in Athens & Milano: 23 - 24 May 2007

AC Milan - Liverpool 2-1


OK, I'm about to give up with the pictures. There are so many of them!!! *is tired*

Which is why this time the photos are uploaded to my gallery and I'll give you links to other galleries as well. I also won't trouble people with dial-up connection to download all the pics in the page, especially because I don't want to be troubled as well. If you choose to share the pics, kindly mention the sources clearly, whether it's from Gazzetta, Corriere, Kataweb or others. Enjoy the pics. :)

My Calcio Gallery
By tomatoe18

[+] Gallery 1: Pre-Match Preps [click here]
[+] Gallery 2: Match Action [click here]
[+] Gallery 3: Celebration in Athens [click here]
[+] Gallery 4: Celebration in Milano[click here]

>> Most of the pictures in my galllery came from Gazzetta Dello Sport's and Corriere's websites. It is highly recommended to check their website for a full coverage and more photos of the match and the celebration. (Yes, meaning, if you go to these sites, you will find even more pictures than what I've already uploaded. So, GO GO GO GO GO!!!)

>> Pictures from my gallery may not be hotlinked under any circumstances. If I find you hotlinking, I will not hesitate to warn you and cut you off. You may, however, save the pictures to your computer or your own server and share them with others elsewhere. All I ask is for you to pimp the community filippo_inzaghi in the process. XD

The Goals

[+] Pippo's first goal and its celebrations.
[Kataweb Gallery: Pippo's 1st Goal Sequence]
[+] Pippo's second goal and its celebrations.
[Kataweb Gallery: Pippo's 2nd Goal Sequence]
25th-May-2007 09:55 pm (UTC)
Thanks alot for all the links & pics :D i'm very happy to finally see some activity here... keep it going please =>
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