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[EURO '08] Faroe Islands - Italy 1-2: Match Report 
3rd-Jun-2007 04:22 am
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Euro '08 Qualifications


2 June 2007 in Tórsvøllur, Torshavn

SCORERS: 13' Inzaghi [1st], 3' Inzaghi [2nd] (ITA), 32' Jacobsen [2nd] (FRO)


FAR OER (4-4-2): Mikkelsen; Danielsen, Johannessen, J.Jacobsen, Djurhuus; Borg (29' Samuelsen [2nd]), Olsen, Thomassen, Ch. Jacobsen R. Jacobsen, Flotum (12' Holst [2nd])
Subs: Joensen, Hansen, Elttor, Horg, Nolsoe
Coach: J. M. Olsen

ITALIA (4-2-3-1): Buffon; Oddo, Materazzi (21' Barzagli [2nd]), Cannavaro, Tonetto; Gattuso, Pirlo; Diana, Rocchi (42' Quagliarella [2nd]), Del Piero; Inzaghi (14' Lucarelli [2nd])
Subs: Amelia, Pasqual, De Rossi, Perrotta
Coach: Donadoni

REFEREE: Robert Malek (Poland)


I can't say that this has been the best match the Italian national team had played but I'm glad that they've won. They obviously needed this victory to improve their situation in Group B. More importantly, being the sometimes selfish fan of Pippo Inzaghi, I'm glad that they won because of Pippo's 2 goals. :D

The game itself was kind of boring, to be honest; I didn't stay for the whole match to watch it. Luckily, I was there each time Pippo scored. His goals were quite entertaining. The first was a kick straight to the goal, which he made while being severely harassed by the opposing team's defender, and the second was a header that came from an excellent pass that Diana made. And, of course, the hugging that ensued after the goals was really a delight. ^_~

Once again, I have to say, Pippo worked hard in this match. He was literally all over the place during the first half. I counted at least twenty times that the commentators mentioned his name in the first quarter of an hour. He posed the most threat to the Faroe Islands' goal, being on target most of the time and giving the goalkeeper plenty of work to do. I just love seeing him working hard like that. (And, as always, he makes the cutest expressions when he fails to score. XD)

... and I just watched Pippo's post-match interview on RAI.

Among the points he talked about:
[+] He thanked his teammates for the goals because "everyone also worked hard to make it possible for me to score".
[+] He didn't want to comment on Totti and Nesta's refusal to join the national team, saying that it was not his place to judge anyone.
[+] Marco Tardelli, one of the commentators for the match, congratulated him on the goal and asked him why Pippo, as one of the most senior players in the team, did not shout instructions to the younger players to do better. Pippo then cheekily said, "Well, it's exhausting to shout!" (I swear, I love this man! XD)

Pippo's goal tally is now 25 for the Italian national team. He's just two goals away from matching Del Piero and Roberto Baggio's record of 27 goals. I hope he scores some more!

That's all for now. 'Til the next Azzurri match on Wednesday. Photos to be posted later.
2nd-Jun-2007 10:37 pm (UTC)
Pippo never fails to amaze me. =)
3rd-Jun-2007 12:24 am (UTC)
Oh God! Could I love this man any more?

I'm SO glad that he's back in form and banging in the goals. Hopefully, it'll be the same thing for Milan come the new season!
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